Posted by: HighAltitude | July 8, 2008

Into 811 Meter Above Sea Level: Mt. Batulao Trail Running

Being a member of SAR team specialized in mountain rescue, mountain is a playground for me. Carrying 20kg+ load on my back and walking for several days is something we trained for. But running all they way to the peak of a mountain is completely new for me.

When i’m converted into a ‘religion’ called running, road or highway has become my favorite route. My first encounter of trail running was in tagaytay, a route from rotonda olivares to brgy. leynes near taal lake. Although the route is a combination of road and trail, it gives a pleasure to my foot every time i step on the soil. It’s a different experience!

I woke up at 4.30am last Sunday to prepare myself for a trail running in Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batanggas. aLdzHeiMerZ would be my running buddy that morning. At 5am we were waiting any bus going to nasugbu or calatagan. We reached evercrest golf club about 6am and start running to Mt. Batulao.

You will pass this creek when you take the old trail to the summit.

“Pushing to the top” | Starting from this point, the trails are extremely steep, there are loose and wet stones, and the winds can set off you balance. Also, they spawn duststorms which may cause transient visual disturbances.

Summit of Mt. Batulao | It took us 50minutes to reach the peak from main entrance of everest golf course. 811 Meter Above Sea Level

Buko-loading station | On our war back, we stop in this small nipa hut and had our breakfast of whole wheat bread that i brought and one buko juice.


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  2. high altitude, hey, nice pictures & running form! keep it up. we missed you last sunday at the manila half-marathon. nice “the north face” running kits, too! from now on, i will be calling you as “the north face runner”. good luck!

  3. Hi BR,

    It was indeed a perfect sunday trail morning. yeah, i wasn’t able to join the race last sunday, as i told you on my previous reply to you.

    “the north face runner”… no comment =)

    when are you flying for san fransisco?

  4. high altitude, what a neat report and great photos.
    That’s quite a sight from the top!

    It’s always good to get away from the roads and traffic to the dirt trails and beauty of the contryside and mountains.

  5. Hey TNF Runner,
    “Never Stop Exploring.” You live by their theme. haha. It was definitely the Perfect day — clouded sky, breezy.

    Thank you sir,

  6. sfrunner,
    Thank you very much. It was really a perfect morning. Tomorrow afternoon and sunday morning, i will go back there with some runners from manila.
    I’m preparing for TNF 100 on July 27.

    lets go back there again!
    yesterday, ibanrunner and i were doing speed endurance from malabag – pook – silang – aiias.

  7. great run! hmmm… makes me think about the TNF… great pics! 🙂

  8. Hi highaltitude, thanks for visiting my site. Nice blog but man your picture rocks!

    Hehe, nakaka-ingit naman 🙂


  9. Loonyrunner,

    thanks a lot! hmm, are you joining TNF race in nasugbu?

    Barracuda Running,

    Thanks for dropping by too. When runner start to run on trail in the country side, mountain or just farm, there will always something new to discover… you have a nice blog too!

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  11. great photos! hope to do a trail run too one of these days!

  12. Those pictures look awesome! You are doing a great job promoting your beautiful country scenery. Welcome to blogging keep it up because I look forward to enjoying your adventures.

  13. BananaRunning,
    Thank you very much. I went back to Mt Batulao last friday morning and sunday morning. I will post some pictures and stories very soon.

    yeah, you should have try trail or mountain run and you can feel the different.

    Thank you so much. Philippines is indeed a beautiful country. So much place to enjoy for trail or mountain run, specifically in the province Mountain Province [phew, wanna try trail run along the rice terrace there?]
    I enjoy reading your blog so much.

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  15. Last week I was looking at some images of Mt. Batulao and I thought it would be a great challenge to try and run to the summit. Then I ran into your site. Wow! Very motivating! A million thanks for sharing, dude! Your running form looks perfect also!

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