Posted by: HighAltitude | August 5, 2008

The North Face 100

The North Face 100, Nasugbu – Philippines, July 27, 2008.

So much to say about this event…

Ever since i heard about this event, my heart is into it already, not for 100 ultramarathon but 20k trail running. It is one of my ultimate dream in running to participate in any ultramarathon event but sad to say i could not able to make this dream come true for now.
Having know that the route of the race would be somewhere in evercrest – Mt. Batulao, i trained my self for trail running in the said area few weeks before. I invited IbanRunning, Aldzheimerz and Macainan to foretasted the trail.

After claiming the race pocket and looking at the map, i notice that the route is familiar for me. While standing on the starting area waiting for the gunshot, i was telling my self, “this is my area, this is my trail, i should push beyond the limit and give the best i could give.”

Familiarizing the 20k trail through topography map.

Geared by The North Face (TNF VaporWick Endurance Cap, TNF Man’s Spirit Tank, TNF running short, TNF M Arnuva Running Quarter shocks and The North Face Ultra 103 XCR GTX Shoe) Suunto Vector and PowerBar Gel… I’m standing in the front row, BIB #461, taking my PowerBar Gel.

Few seconds after the gunshot. Photo taken from runrio

Few minutes after the gunshot, i was in the front pack already. I noticed runrio was in the front pack as well as the other 5 runners. Approaching the first loop, i met several 100k ultramarathoners walking together approaching the finish line. One of them was crow, a mountaineer and wall climbing instructor of PowerUp. These people are great and extraordinary. To finish 100k is something amazing. These ultramarathoner are hero to marathoner.

“Pare, you are on the 7th, keep it up, galing mo ha…” was the words from crow as i passed this group. There was this feeling of comfort to hear this =) In my thought, I would be standing in the podium for the first time in my running experience. However, the battle against the finish line and the clock was not finish yet. I have to keep on running, maintain my pace and the distance between the runners behind me.

Passing the first check point on my first loop. By this time, no one behind me, i was still maintaining 7th place.

…and disaster come.

About 1km to the concrete road on my last loop, i felt something wrong on my both legs. Something like cramps on my both shanks. I suddenly felt down to the grass and shouting for help. I still remember those moments, i literally shouted for help, i couldn’t stand up, my legs was bended up while i was facing to the ground. I saw my shanks was so stiff and in a weird form. The pain was so intense that i almost cry. And there were 4 runners approached me and gave help. A lady of 10k runner was the one who gave instructions to the other three 10k runners on how to treated my cramps. She instructed one runner to continue run and inform the nearest marshals point that runner BIB#461 is injured and need assistance. After few minutes, the pain was gone. I gave my gratitude to them for helping me and bid goodbye. I eventually overtook the runner who supposed to bring the news to the nearest marshal that i got injured. He was so surprised that i’m running again.

Before i got cramps, there were two tri-athletes overtook me and during the moments i felt down, while they are giving me some stretching, i was busy scanning the runners who passes us if there was 20k runners. The good news was there was no 20k runner overtook me while i was injured. That means, we really far ahead.

I was able to maintain my position until i reach the finish line. I finish the 9th overall! AMAZING… My suunto vector shows 1hour51minutes.

Until now, the organizer have not announce the official overall result of 20k yet. During the awarding ceremony, there were many mismatch of 20k winners so the organizer decided to announce it later. However, the 10k and 100k categories winners were announced without any significant problems.

…having said these, i would take this opportunity to give my biggest gratitude to those 10k runners who helped me out. To the lady who gave instructions on how to handle my cramps, thanks a lot. I felt so bad that i was not able to see them at the finish line. The worst thing now is i can’t remember their faces and how much more their names 😦

Friends, if you happen to read this blog… maraming, maraming, maraming salamat po. You are my heroes! If not because of you, i wouldn’t able to finish the race. I pray that i would able to see you someday.

Congratulation to Ivy Macainan. Although i would not able to understand how to run more than full marathon, I know how bad it is to experience DNF in a race. Above all, you are already an ultramarathoner! You’d ran 72k already. I wish i could join that ultramarathon 😦

By the way, I met Bards a.k.a Banana Running that morning. I was waiting my turn to clean my legs and a pretty lady call me, “HighAltitude, i’m bards.” I was a bit puzzled to see you, trying to figure out when did i met this lady. And when she revealed herself as Banana Running and everything was clear =) Well, i don’t see her picture in her blog though, that’s why i was a having a hard time to recall about her. Anyway, it was nice to meet ‘offline’ those runner bloggers. Unfortunately, we haven’t talk that much.

Approaching the finish line. I finish 1hour51minutes according to my suunto vector. By this time, i was on the 9th place already.

with shin, edmond, HighAltitude, Rj and Aldzheimerz

HighAltitude, Sir Danny, (53 years old finish 100k in 16hours, 6th place) and Iban Runner

with ultramarathons ladies, Ivy and Riza

The North Face 100k Solo Champion – 13hours.


  1. Great recap! Congratulations on your 9th place finish. I hope to do a trail run one of these days too!

  2. and congratulation for finishing your first full marathon as well…!!! it was a perfect weather and time for you, pare…

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