Posted by: HighAltitude | August 21, 2008

Mountain Run: Mt. Talamitam – Mt. Batulao

well, it suppose to be a mountain run to these two neighboring mountains in Batangas but it turn to be something out of plan.

Ok, Aldzheimerz text me on Friday last week to run in Mt. Batulao again and reminiscing The North Face Trail run that we’d joined before. I told him that we start run from Evercrest to the peak of Mt. Batulao and going down again and continue run on the highway going to nagsubu and turn left in Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga, Nasugbu (KM. 83) for another mountain run in Mt. Talamitam.

…we agree!

Monday, August 18, 2008; 05.00am: Aldzheimerz, Rj and i standing by the highway waiting a bus heading to nasugbu. It was still dark and the fog was started to blanket us. With running attire, that morning was very cold to us. It was freezing cold that i started to shivering. We finally got a bus at 5.35am. In that hour, it was bright already but the sun was still shy to show up, hiding behind the cloud and fog. Heading to Nasugbu, we changed our plan. We decided to run to Mt. Talamitam first and then going up to Evercrest and heading to Mt. Batulao.

Arriving at the jump off of Mt. Talamitam, we walk for a few minutes to the house where we have to register ourself and pay for the climb fee… I forgot how many times we say “tao po” but nobody came out from the house. It was pass 7 in the morning already but it seems people inside are still sleeping. So we decided to continue run to the mountain and we’ll pay it later on when we come back.

Approaching the foot of the the mountain, we met the caretaker of the mountain on the trail. He was heading home. We stopped for awhile and explain to him that we were not able to pay the climb fee because nobody at home. I offered him the money but he refused to received it. So we agreed that we will pay the climb fee when we comeback. Not long when we run, i notice that the trail is not familiar for me. This is not the trail that i took when i climb this mountain two weeks ago. So we run back to the river again and took the other trail.

So we continue running into a small wet trail by the river heading to the route i took when i climbed this mountain few weeks ago. However, i met this person again and he ask us to comeback to the trail where we met before. To make the story shorter, the guy got mad at us because we didn’t follow him and the worst thing was he asked us to come back to his house and do the registration… man!!! I got so disappointed. We already agree that we will pay him later. I decided to took the other trail which i took before, because it is farther compare to the other one which he ask us to go.


This guy didnt want to cooporate with us, so i decided not to continue running to Mt. Talamitam anymore and start running to Mt. Batulao instead. We stopped by at the house of Sir Nick, formerly the caretaker of Mt. Talamitam. He felt so sorry upon knowing our situation.

That was 7am already when we hit the highway from the jump-off and we’d ran for another 45minutes and decided to stop. Too bad, we were not able to reach Mt. Batulao, not even evercrest.

…there is bad day and there is good day. that day was a bad day.

farewell mt. talamitam…

these are the pictures when i climb Mt. Talamitam 2 weeks ago…

at the peak after dinner…

another day in Mt. Talamitam

great view from the top of Mt. Talamitam

imagine that you are here, running towards that summit…

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  1. Hey highaltitude, swabe talaga picture! You really take your running and photo-ops seriously hehe :-)

  2. hmmm,
    somehow when you see your running pictures, you may evaluate your form of running =)

  3. thank you sir for the idea. I think we’ll going to do this trailrun from talamitam to batulao this sun, if the weather permits us. I know another trail that leads to mt talamitam without passing the registration area. muddy trail will be more thrilling.

  4. Your welcome, Jerome. I’ll be joining the Team Hardcore at Forth Bonifacio with our project TKO250. Hope to join you guys someday…

    Take care.

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