Posted by: HighAltitude | September 2, 2008

ONESPORT Magazine August 2008

Last Sunday, August 31, 2008, after having a long run in the morning, I went to Mall of Asia with friends. We went to Mizuno shop and then stop for a while in The North Face shop. Yeah, Rj was right when he said that i could not resist to not visit this particular shop. Nothing new there, but looking at their stuffs there is just enough for me…

While i was looking around, the supervisor of the shop, Leizl, call me up and say, “sir, your picture is in this magazine.” I was so surprise to know that. She gave me the magazine of ONESPORT and showed me the page where The North Face 100 is featured. She then pointed a picture right at the bottom of the second to the last page of the said magazine. That’s me, i was running The North Face 20k and that was on my first loop before i got cramped.

Well, i’m disagree with what Nina Vera said though…

If only the 100k race was held not on Saturday, i would definitely join it. That’s what i’m dreaming of. Hopefully, there will be next ultramarathons in the Philippines which will not fall on Saturday… so I could have the opportunity to join the race.

hmm, thanks to ONESPORT chief-editor for let my picture posted in your magazine… =)

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