Posted by: HighAltitude | November 16, 2008

Running in the Philippines

First of all, as i had mentioned this in one of my comments to BaldRunners post view months ago, it is here in the Philippines where i was converted into this new religion called ‘running’.

I should say, in the Philippines’ context, you are not a real runner if you don’t know TheBullRunner, BaldRunner and RunRio. In my opinion, they are the icons of the running in the Philippines.

This morning in clark, during the awarding ceremony of the New Balance Power Race 2008, i had a little observation. While all the runner bloggers exchanging thoughts, experiences, feelings and of course photo opps, on one corner i saw Project Donate A Shoe by BaldRunner and on the other corner, a booth of RunRio for his upcoming race this coming sunday. You might not see a booth of TheBullRunner here. But you could see her contribution to the runners community by being one of the speaker of Running Aid for Woman.

RunRio is still on fire with his race events. A great race organizer. No wonder Phillips aka foreignrunner voted him as the president. BaldRunner with his Project Donate A Shoe, 1,000-km Club, Bataan102 and Team BaldRunner. TheBullRunner for Running Aid for Woman.

I had a wild thinking while driving back to manila this morning that if only this three running icons sit together and come up with a race (most like a race/run for a cause) or a project (don’t have any idea what kind of project that will be) or just a sort of program (for example “meet the runner bloggers” / “off line meeting of runner bloggers” on how to develop a good running blog or on how to write a good race report or just a mere share tips and techniques in running) or perhaps will come up to an establishment of runner bloggers association 🙂 that would be something great and significant to runners in the Philippines…!

well, it’s just a thought… 🙂



  1. jerry, you forgot to mention my Team Bald Runner concept which is the “direction” of my purpose and being. anyway, i’ll tell the reason/s (in person) why all these things are not collated or combined to come up with a single purpose.

  2. BR, thanks for the inputs. Yes, i already made a correction on my post. I just forgot to include that although i’m aware of it.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi high altitude, it was nice meeting you yesterday. Thank you for such a flattering post. Maybe in the future we could collaborate on a worthwhile project that could promote running in general and help uplift running in the country. Let’s see 🙂

  4. Thanks TBR!

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  6. nice meeting you last sun, i was behind you for 16-18km but you were just too fast! hope to see you next race!

  7. hi richie,
    it was great to see you too. i like the form of your running. you’re strong runner. keep on running! till then…

  8. Hi Jerry, I hope you read my reply re: your inquiry about the milo marathon. Feel free to catch it on my blog. Thanks & see you then.

  9. Vener,
    thank you so much for the info you gave. i think i will just have my own marathon 🙂

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