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The run that thrilled: The North Face Thrill of the Trail 20k

As has been expected, the weather was perfect. No rain in the past days made the trail was perfect too and amazingly, that morning was not so cold and chilly, no strong winds like the other days. It was just a perfect day.

Comparing the previous TNF race on July 27, 2008 and last Sunday race, TNF Thrill of the Trail was far better. The gunshot was on time. The 10k runners start 10minutes ahead and followed by 20k runners. There was no mismatch in connection to the finish time. The certificate was given after the runner crossed the finish line. Oh yeah, until now i don’t receive my certificate of the TNF 20k on July 28. I went to ROX for so many times to claim it but they don’t have a valid reason why my certificate is not there and the mismatch of the overall result is still unsolved until now.

The North Face

In my previous post about this race, i was planning to wear a running jacket and glove if the weather is really cold. However, that morning, as i’ve stated above, the temperature was not so cold so i decided just to wear a singlet instead.


Oups, it still cold though but its bearable πŸ™‚


The 10k runners starts ahead. This picture was taken while we were having a prayer before the race starts.

img_7543My friend, Brent, was candidly took this picture while i was praying.

img_756120k Runners were ready for the gunshot

img_7559This is the front line runners at the starting line. Pepito, the winner of the TNF 100, 5th from right and Isidro Vildosola of Team BaldRunner, 7th from right.

img_7566Last minute check before the gunshot

img_7567Isidro Vildosola of Team BaldRunner who later win the 20k category.

img_757710seconds before the gunshot



It was still calm, the crowd of runners were still far behind when Isidro in his good form approaching the first 10k, smile and even waving his hand to the road marshals. Go Team BaldRunner!


Coach Rio and Pepito were leading on the 2nd and 3rd place

img_7608img_7610HighAltitude was still maintaining in the 6th place on the first loop.

img_7624From MP05 to the MP01 is a steady uphill for about 4km. This was the part where many runners walked or joged. The view was really nice. Actually, from thisΒ  spot spectators could see runners while running through the corn and peanut farms down below.

img_7626Isidro was still leading and by this time he was about 100m to the finish line of 20k.

img_7633img_7634…and yes, i crossed the finish line after 1hour41minutes, 7th place overall

img_7635A few seconds after crossing the finish line. Marlo (BIB# 433) finish few seconds ahead of me. He overtook me after MP05 [guess what? on MP05 i walked a few meters to drink and he overtook me 😦 ]

img_7638BIB#435 (4th place), Marlo, BIB#433 (6th place), HighAltitude, BIB#414 (7th place) and Mayo, BIB#357 (5th place).

The race organizer, as has been announced repeatedly before the race and during the pre-registration at ROX, those who will be declared winners are those who are wearing at least 1 The North Face item during the race. Promotional t-shirt/jersey is not included. However, the fastest time will be announced. Based on this rule, Isidro of Team BaldRunner got two medals for being the fastest and because he was also wearing TNF cap. Unfortunately, Coach Rio (2nd place), Pepito (3rd place) and BIB #435 doesn’t wear any TNF item. So the 3rd and the 4th places goes to Marlo and Mayo because they were wearing TNF Items.

img_7674Team BaldRunner

img_7648A proud finisher of TNF Thrill of the Trail 20k

img_7647Thanks to Brent, my photographer πŸ™‚


Photo ops with friends… πŸ™‚

img_7655img_7665img_7667img_7669Pepito, the campion of TNF 100 and 3rd place of TNF Thrill of the Trail. Isidro, 2nd place of TNF 100 and campion of TNF Thrill of the trail. Jerry Karundeng, the campion of Bataan102… (BR and Hardcore runners no offence please… dreaming is not a sin right hehehe) πŸ™‚

img_7684Team BaldRunner

img_7717Isidro of Team BaldRunner during the awarding ceremony. Being the fastest runner and wearing TNF cap, he receives two TIMEX ironman watches, TNF trail shoes, two medals, and a gift from TNF.

img_7677A proud TNF user!


PS: You can view more pictures of runners in too!



  1. Congrats for the #7 overall finish. Sagad sagad ba. πŸ˜€ Galing nag-inom ka pa tubig e.

  2. grabe baskug ah… di ko kaya puro uphills…tsk tsk…

  3. Congratulations Java Man. I was nearly an hour behind so you must have left by then ha ha

  4. Congrats! It’s a run well done…While you’re in 7th place, I’m at the 19th (2 hours and 1 minute). Good thing is…we crossed the finish line, unharmed and no injury. I wish I could train better like you did.

    God bless.

  5. Great run Jerry. You’re right, that sunday morning was not that cold, I also managed to run in a singlet. Lucky you, you have your TNF product with you, congrats pare. See you at the happy run this sunday. BTW I’ll be at the Ultra tomorrow evening.

  6. Great photos and recap! And congrats on a fantastic finish! I wish I could have joined this one but I didn’t since I wasn’t ready. I am still raring to run that route with you one of these days!

  7. The nice pictures say it all, it must have been a thrill to run and finish this challenging 20k trail run.

    Again, another impressive performance .

  8. Wahh!!! Sombong!!! haha.. Bataan 102 champ!! Go for it!!!

  9. nice recap and nice pictures! Hope to try this race too in the future πŸ™‚

  10. Jinoe,
    Salamat guid. tani, ari ka di…

    huo guid, puro uphills. tani i-try mo. iban experiensya na ya…

    I’m so sorry of what happened to you last Sunday bro… but you are truly a road warrior.

    Yes, we finished the race unharmed. Hopefully i could join the TNF100 next May with you. Hey, we still have a plan to have a mountain run in Pico de Loro, right? Hopefully we could do that before Bataan102 as part of our training.

    Yup, the weather was very cooperative last sunday. Let me see if i could go to manila this afternoon. I’ll give you a text later.

    Thank you very much. Jay, i’ll be happy to take you there. Just let me know…

    The thing that made happy last sunday was, i didn’t have the cramps. You’ve read in my blog that cramps is more often happen to me and I thank God it didn’t happened last sunday.
    Thank you so much Bong. Take care and keep on running.

    hahahaha… dream big man! πŸ™‚

  11. Hi jerry, it was great to meet you at TNF trail run. 7th place. Wow! What a great finish! Congrats…
    Btw, i snatched a pic from your site. hope you don’t mind. i posted in on my blog. Feel free to visit Thanks man. See you around…

  12. Great run Jerry. Congrats on the #7 finish! wooohooo! =)

  13. 7th! woohoo! congratulations! but next time no more stopping for water πŸ˜› great pictures too.

  14. Nice shots you got there and I’m sure the view is breathtaking.. Congrats on a great run!

  15. Great finish, Jerry. Congratulations for the #7 place win! May I also congratulate your official photographer friend Brent? Awesome pictures!

    I’m very happy that you finished the race injury-free Jerry. Sad to say, my friend Ted was injured last July 2008 and until now, his leg is still with cast and per doctors verdict, he can never join a race again. I hope and pray that the doctor is wrong ‘coz my friend really really loves running.

    We missed you at the PSE Bull Run but I know you had a great time with TNF. Just to update you, I finally ran my first 10K last Sunday!

  16. RFB,
    thanks a lot. yeah, you should try trail run sometimes. i bet you will like it.

    salamat pare. i hope to see you more often at the start/finish line.

    Thanks a lot.

    I’m still on the learning process to avoid stopping for water πŸ™‚ mahirap kase…

    the view is really fantastic. there will be another race by TNF on this coming may. hope to see you there.

    Thank you very much. That was my concern before that i might got cramps again but thank God i was fine last sunday. I got slow down a little bit when i twisted my ankle but i was recovered. Commenting about your friend’s injury, don’t trust the doctor, see Team BaldRunner Coaches and let them examine πŸ™‚ well half marathon is on the way then…

  17. Congrats, Jerry! What a great finish! Your friend was able to capture nice shots too!

  18. Anna,
    Thank you so much!
    Take care and keep on running.

  19. astig ka pare.i hope to join a tnf race soon.

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