Posted by: HighAltitude | March 25, 2009

Condura Run 2009 and Mt. Pico De Loro

Yes, it was nice to be back on circuit. To meet runners at the starting line was just wonderfull, especially the ‘hardcore runners’. By the way, this is my first road race in 2009. I went to Manila with Aldwin, Edmund and KC on saturday 7pm, arived at 9pm, got a room to stay at 11.30pm, had our late dinner after that, back to the hotel at 12am and was able to slept at 1am [as always race fever]. Rj joined us at about 1am. We woke up at 3.30am and by 4am we already at the starting area.

Thanks to Jinoe of who helped me to register for this event.

Shortly after i deposited my bag to the baggage area, i had a warm up for 20minutes and then proceeds to the starting line. I was surprised to see BaldRunner was using the Bataan102 sleeves BIB #8… it made me to think for a second about that upcoming event, the most anticipated race in my life so far. Just to think of it, it’s enough to make me goosebump. 

5minutes before the gun start my GF305 was dead, battery low. I constantly asked Chito Domingo about our pace during the race. Thanks bro!

The race was really good, not to mention how well they organize the race but through out the run, i didn’t feel tired at all. I was enjoying km after km of it. There was no symptoms of pain at all. Probably, this is the result of my Bataan102 training so far. I’m sure those who will join this ultra run probably felt the same thing.

I finish the race in 1:39:29. Four minutes 28seconds behind from my PR which i broke in 7th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Half-Marathon March 8, 2008. Thinking that i finished so strong, i could have been increased my pace. George Sheehan says that if you finish the race strong that means you didn’t run fast or you didn’t push beyond the limit. The indication to show that you already run with all your strenghts is when you finish the race you feel like vomit, you’re almost out of breath.

One observation that i want to share about the race is about the last water station before the u-turn where water bottle is served. I really had a hard time to open it because the plastic zeal was still there. At first, i really wanted just to throw it away but thinking that i already skip the previous water station, i had to drink. It tooks me like 10 to 15 seconds to open it. I saw some runners throw the bottle after failed to open it including Maricel Maquilan, who just throw it hard to the road. Probably this was the reason why i saw quite few unopen bottles a long the way.

img_0072After three monts of absent, Phillip aka Foreign Runner back to road again. It was just great to meet the fellow again.

img_00801img_00761HARDCORE, no frills all thrills. Where there are roads, i run. Where there are more roads, i run more. Where there are no roads, i still run. BORN TO RUN. Thanks to Jonel aka bugobugo85!

Cross Training to Mt. Pico De Loro

The following day i went to Mt. Pico De Loro in Ternate with four of my friends from AIIAS. We just had an overnite up in the mountain. I had just visited this mountain 2 weeks ago for a Survival Basic Training Course. It was just great to be back in the mountain again 🙂

We reach the basecamp, about 15minutes to the peak, about 5.30pm and met a group of people who had just started to cook their dinner. Later i know that one of them is Bo Sanchez, the recepient of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award in 2006. I then realized that they were having a filming for his program every saturday and sunday morning in Channel 5. They also had a mass up in the summit together with Rev. N. Isagani P. Avinante. Going down from the mountain the following day, they had 12 episodes for his Nourishing Soul Every Day! in his website

dsc00204With Bo Sanchez, the peak was behind us.

dsc00210dsc00214dsc00237Between the earth and that heaven, i felt erased, blotted out…



  1. hey man! Bo Sanchez! Cool! This guy’s a well known person in the Philippines.. He’s a good author.. you can go look for his books in National Bookstore.. I actually have one of his books.. He’s a catholic layman (I think).. He’s got good insights!

  2. jerry, nice run & pics after the condura..nice pictures, too at mt pico de loro..good luck.

  3. you are welcome jerry. it is nice to have you back healthy and stronger.

  4. Leave some rock for me pal, I’m going up there after Easter ha ha

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