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Running in Indonesia

My ignorance of running in Indonesia has been gradually diminish. Through Facebook, i started to find out that there is running community in Indonesia although not as big as in the Philippines and there are races going on though not as many and frequent compare to the country of BaldRunner.

Several race events like New Balance, Puma, Reebok and by companies/foundations are being held mostly in Jakarta. However, i noticed that the majority of the races are short distance (5k & 10). I found out that there were also Jakarta Marathon, Garuda Bali International Marathon and Malang Marathon last year. However, I didn’t found any of those events being held this year. Compare to running blogs in the Philippines, not many information you could find in internet about those races. Something which i wanted to see a change in the future about running Indonesia.

This week, i got a friend request from Facebook who later i found out that he is the race director (Ngurah Paramartha) of International Bali 10k.  Highlight of this run as quoted from its website is followed:

Bali – the island is world renowned as a tourist destination. Many desired items for anyone is readily available in Bali: its nature, culture, the people’s friendliness and the comfort zone built by its nature and people. In line to commemorate the province’s 50 th anniversary on 14 th August 2008, as well as the moment to celebrate Indonesian 63 rd Independence Day – one collosal event taking form of a 10K road race run took place and time in Denpasar, Bali on 10 th August 2008. Bali 10K involved participants from all over Indonesia and as well as international athletes. This event – International Bali 10K – is now scheduled as an annual event for Bali, so as to reach the particular momentum of importance for Bali, Indonesia, its tourism and its general society. As to the same token in order to form a chain of brotherhood between the world’s society, International Bali 10K is a form of Sport Tourism , carrying in itself the theme “A Run for Unity”.

INTERNATIONAL BALI 10K is an international scale road race run event that will be in its third year, with the theme A Run for Unity embracing the concepts of:

  • Road race run is now one of Bali Province’s annual agenda in line to commemorate its anniversary and Indonesian Independence Day celebration every month of August

  • INTERNATIONAL BALI 10K as a format of sport tourism – tourist and sporting attraction in one, to create a new meaning of many reasons for people worldwide to visit Bali

  • Participants to INTERNATIONAL BALI 10K are international elite athletes, national elite athletes, general participants and students, as a media to race the time and set a milestone to national Indonesian athletes for their best time

  • This program invites ambassadors/consuls/honorary consuls of countries having its representative office in Bali, as well as other key society personals – in our aim to implement unity and brotherhood of the world’s society in Bali

  • In line with the road race run, the society will experience a form of entertainment with a performance stage where popular bands & artists perform, with celebrities around the event grounds, food stalls and product sampling stands of event supporters

  • The program coverage will be handled by international and national media, in conjunction with the presence of elite international runners

INTERNATIONAL BALI 10K has obtained its recognition by IAAF through PB PASI (Indonesian Athletic Association).

This was the information of the race last year. However, since the race has became annual event of the local government, this year, the 3rd International Bali 10k would be held on August 9, 2009. The prizes for Elite International Male and Female are:

1st place: US$ 4,000

2nd place: US$ 3,000

3rd place: US$ 2,000

4th place: US$ 1,000

5th place: US$ 500

Record of elite international:

Female :Trianingsih (Indonesia) 33:22:18
Male :Robert Kilagat Kosgei (Kenya) 29:37:93

Now, i’m calling the attention of elite runners of Team BaldRunner to this event. I’m not so sure about the PRs of Cris Sabal and Marecil Maquilan in 10k, but i’m pretty confidence if they participate, they would be in top 5 finishers.

Below are some of the pictures of the said race:

International Bali 10k10photo1-big

Interested to join? Click here for details.

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  1. jerry, thanks for the information. cris sabal has a record of 31+ minutes PR for the 10K while marecil maquilan’s time is 34+minutes. we will see if we can prepare them for the said event.

  2. BR, if they are planning to participate, i have friends in bali that might help them in acommodation…

  3. Hi Jerry. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. The Bali 10K definitely has a nice payday for the top finishers. Definitely in some countries, running has really picked up while in others, it has diminished somewhat.

    I think it would be great if Team Bald Runner has several participants. Cris and Marecl are very capable runners and would definitely contend there.

    Take care my friend.

  4. Wayne, my research about running in Indonesia is still going on. Just this afternoon, i met a veteran of long distance runner in my country many years ago…

    I will come up with more posts about this.

    Keep running!

  5. Jerry, just found your blog about the Tangkuban Perahu trail running. Are you Indonesian? I love trail running and Iam originally from Indonesia, but never run trail in Indonesia….Any suggestion who to contact in Jakarta to do Tangkuban Perahu run this summer? Thanks!

  6. Yes, Nutwo, I’m Indonesian but currently studying in the Philippines. Where do you live, by the way? I know several friends in Jakarta who know the trail although none of them are runners.

    Actually, it is easy to find the jump off of the trail which is located in Sukawana, Bandung. Take angkot from terminal ledeng to Parongpong and ask the driver to let you get off in the junction where you can find the road to perkebunan teh sukawana.

  7. Jerry,

    Thanks! Please check your e-mail…
    I am totally not familiar with the area…


  8. Guy’s for running in the Jakarta area check out running club. We have weekly runs at the Zoo on Saturdays and a smaller marathon training group on Sundays. We also try do some out of city Sunday runs.

    We also have a Face Book Group under the same name ” Jakarta Free Spirit”

  9. Guy’s for running in the Jakarta area check out running club.

    We have weekly runs at the Zoo on Saturdays and a smaller marathon training group on Sundays. We also try do some out of city Sunday runs.

    In addition to sevral 5K races (most the Rebook, Puma and NewBalance sponcored ones mentioend above) we hold 3 Half Marathions a year.

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