Posted by: HighAltitude | June 1, 2009

The 3rd All Terra King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain

Jerry Karundeng aka HighAltitude

hmmm, have you notice one similarity between the poster and the picture?… Yup, that’s my picture while having mountain run in Mt. Batulao. I’m surprise to see this. It’s a great priviledge to see my picture on that poster šŸ™‚ although, I couldn’t remember someone asked me permission to use it.



  1. I can see strong similarities. A permission to use it should have been appropriate.

  2. hey … you are a regular poster boy now. but ya, it would have been better if they asked permission.

  3. Jerry, you’re becoming a very popular figure now with all these photos (just kidding). I agree with Bards and Jinoe though.

    Continued success whether on the trails or the roads. It was nice to run on trails near SF over the weekend.

  4. they probably thought it was a picture of a flying mantis and don’t know who and where to look for to ask permission… šŸ˜› are you joining the 24-hour endurance walk this June 12?

  5. Hehe Jerry you’re the official image model for trail runs šŸ™‚ But hey yeah I agree, an email at the very least would have been the courteous thing to do right? šŸ™‚


  6. @Jinoe + Bards + sfrunner: they skipped the protocol!

    @run2dmoon: Albert, you got the point! hahaha I’ll be joining your event though probably not 24hours. Probably 10hours only…

  7. @gingerbreadrunning: Hi Luis, you flattered me hahahaha thanks anyway. You are right, bro! Sadly, I don’t receive any email from the race organizer hehehe

  8. Is that a composite photo or did you really jump that high onto those mossy river rocks? If so you’re lucky your ankles survived šŸ™‚

  9. i suggest you make a formal complaint to the race organizer. this people are already abusing since nobody is complaining. these advertising people should adhere to some ethics in their profession. i could still remember when i got mad to the head of a running group when his members were displaying the logos of companies that supported them during the bdm 102 without asking permission from me. in simple terms, they are “bastos”. i am sorry but i get mad when these things happen.

  10. I first saw your pic at tnf facade in glorietta (you’re indeed a photogenic why they chose you hehe) and this time, a new pic showing you leaf frogging!
    Being an image model is a dream for most of us but without any consent, is not expedient.
    I’m hoping the race organizer will come up for their explanation.

    God bless.

  11. @miraclecello: Nats, the picture is original, zero photo editing. I did that and I love it. I twisted my ankle when I did mountain run in Indonesia last December. My left ankle is slightly deformed. It hurts but I just feel the pain and later on it become numb and I survived Bataan102.

    @kingofpots: BR, I don’t know who is the RD/RO. I went to BikeKing this afternoon to get the brochure but it wasn’t there yet. I asked them if they know the RD/RO, they didn’t…

    @runnerforchrist: Ronny, I was just lucky, I think hehehe. I’m honored to see my picture is used but they skipped the protocol. Too bad…

  12. hi highaltitude, you can get in touch with Mr. Edmund of All Terra Bike Shop in Club 650. They are the ones behind this event. hth! I think their contact numbers are also shown in the poster…

  13. I saw a picture of you at one North Face Outlet. And now this. šŸ™‚ Great shot Jerry. I’ll see you more often on trail running events because I’m getting to enjoy it!

  14. @kulitrunner: Vimz, problem solved already. Thanks a lot.

    @takicutie: Hi Taki, thanks a lot. I really wanted to join this trail run but I just realized that the race is on Saturday and I couldn’t join. I’ll join Men’sHealth All Terrain instead.

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