Posted by: HighAltitude | June 3, 2009

Letter of Apology: 3rd All Terra King of the Mountain

I received a called from Edmund Mangaser, the event organizer of the 3rd All Terra King of the Mountain, this morning and we had a nice conversation together. Raul of Elite Multi-Sport Resources followed with an email below:

Good afternoon Jerry. I am writing you on behalf of Elite Multi-Sport Resources, Inc. (EMR), the organizers of the 3rd All Terra King of the Mountain trail run & mountain bike race on June 13th. I believe you spoke with my partner, Edmund Mangaser, earlier today.

To Echo Edmund’s sentiments, EMR would like to extend our apologies for the inadvertent inclusion of a photograph of you as par of our event poster, without prior notification or consultation with you. We regret that this may have caused you any inconvenience or embarrassment in any way. To be honest, we were not even aware that the photograph came from a Philippines source. Of course, this does not absolve us for not attempting to contact the person in the photo beforehand.

At this point, we would especially like to thank you for the warm and open manner in which you took our phone calls and emails. You understood immediately that EMR never intended to take advantage of you, and that our sole intention was to select an image for our poster that captured the thrill & challenge of trail running. For your oponnes and civility, we are most grateful.

It is EMR’s hope that we can partially make up for our oversight by extending our special invitation to be a part of our event on Saturday, June 13, 2009 at Timberland Heights in San Mateo. We will send you a complimentary race kit and we hope tha you can join us during this event. Like you, we believe there is a special attraction to running off-road and we hope the All Terra King of the Mountain trail run can grow to be a regular fixture on the calendars of runners in the Philippines.

Thank you and kind regards,

Raul N. Ylanan

Elite Multi-Sport Resources



  1. Now that’s better. Issues are best solved with cooler minds.

  2. That’s great Jerry, though being a regular podium finisher your image should be worth a lot lot more 🙂

    Make sure they get your permission all over again (maybe demand a written contract) in case they use it in another advertising campaign.

  3. @Jinoe: Yes, this is much better.

    @miraclecello: Nats, that was my first podium finish tho 🙂 I wish I could be a regular one hahaha. Yup, in any case, they should inform us, runners…

  4. good thing they did their part and resolved the issue. (maybe you’re born a runner-model 🙂 )

  5. Nice Jerry! The power of blogging right here? 🙂
    However, I agree that the use of your image, and the lack of permission prior to its usage is worth more than a race kit haha 🙂


  6. We like how the picture taken though jerry!
    I admire the organizer’s attitude for asking an apology…

  7. Hi Jerry,

    monthly appearance in trail run posters is something to be proud of… take care and more posters to come…

  8. You’re now a celebrity Jerry… deal with it… hehehe!… great poster though… I better get one and have you sign it!!! 🙂

  9. @gingerbreadrunning: You are definitely right, Luis. The power of blogging. More than a race kit, hmm… I think so hehehe

    @argonautquest: Honestly, as Aldwin (the one who took that picture) and I went home from mountain run in Mt. Batulao that day, we were quite astonished to see those pictures as we reviewed it. It just a pocket camera. Anyway, thanks a lot, Rodel.

    Have a look on my post “Into 811 Meter Above Sea Level: Mt. Batulao Trail Running” too see the other pictures.

    @annalenemb: sobra naman, Anna hehehe thanks! 🙂

    @seabiskwuit: Ian, thanks a lot bro hahaha ikaw talaga 🙂

  10. Jerry, definitely the letter was nice. I think that a race kit and an entry to as many of the All Terra Races as you want to take part in would have been better. I’m not trying to sound greedy here but the photo can be a privacy issue. I remembered when I first saw the photo and it blew me away how good and sharp it was!

    I know when BroJ and Team Bald Runner took photos of me last November, I asked for permission to put them on my blog. To me, it’s out of respect for the individual(s).

    Good luck as always on the upcoming endeavor.

  11. i think you demand them for complimentary race packets for the whole “Team BR-Hardcore Runners. anyway, congrats for being a star in the running community!

  12. I second that!!!

  13. Jerry is the man. You’re becoming a regular fixtures in running posters now adays hehehehe

    The Running Ninja

  14. Thanks Jerry in advance … for you know what 😀

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