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My Milo Marathon Story: From HighAltitude Run to Manokan Run

Two years ago, on November 04, 2007, I joined my first race in Baguio, Milo half marathon. My finish time was 1:52:57.

Jerry KarundengJerry Karundeng

Two years later on last August 8, 2009 some of the Team Hardcore made our way to Baguio to participate in Milo 21k. The night before the race, I recalled that fateful day of my first race in 2007. I came to Baguio with some friends three days before the race. Before the race day, I ran half of the route with my coach, Angelo Padua of Dagupan City.

Milo marathon in Baguio is more than a race for me. It’s personal… because it was here I ran my first race and because I just love the city, HighAltitude city located above 1500+masl.

Morning of August 9, 2009 was different. It’s been raining a couples of days before. The rain was on and off, cloudy and foggy. But the chill factor was the winds. It was pretty strong. That morning, I decided to use three layers of clothes and glove but still when we came out from the hotel, it was freezing.

I knew already what to expect in this race, I knew the route by heart. I knew the challenge of the rolling hills and the winding roads.ย  But I didn’t expect that the weather that morning would be between 10-12 degree F. I was really shivering. I don’t have much fat in my body anymore. Even just an aircon, I could easily feel cold. And now I’m exposed to that cold temperature. Jonel aka bugobugo called basang sisiw hahaha

Rain started to poured out few minutes before the gunshot. Some runners were shouted to start the race because it was just so cold and you could imagine how runners who came all the way from manila look like that morning. All of us were in running jacket, long sleeves, long pants and caps too.

When I decided to run in Baguio, I just wanted to enjoy and had fun. To enjoy every kilometer of the distance. To enjoy the smell ofย  the pine trees, the cool breeze while reminishing my first race. It was just a perfect day/race. I finished in 1:47:22.

I don’t know if I still can run this race next year ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

My thanks to Jonel for the breakfast that morning and for everything you did to the Team Hardcore. Kim O’Connel… you are trully HARDCORE! Keep that in your mind. In your age, you still run, that is something… I don’t know if I could still run in that age. The reason is simple, I’m probably not be able to reach that age hahaha Kim, thanks for everything.

Jerry Karundeng

Team HardcoreTeamHardcore (Jonel, Lester and I) at the finish area

Team HardcoreTeam Hardcore with Race Director Rudy B.

Team HardcoreTeam Hardcore

Jerry Karundeng aka HighAltitudewill i run in baguio again next year? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Jerry Karundeng

Bacolod Milo Elimination 21k *Manokan Run*

Jinoe of and I arrived in bacolod on Friday August 28, 2009. We were fetched by his Father, stopped by in Bacolod to get our BIBs number and proceeded to Pontevedra where we were served with chicken inasal and several special dishes *ay ambot, nalipat ko gani ang pangalan, tuod guid, namet namet guid ya* as soon as we arrived by her Mother.

Bacolod is also a special city for me. I was staying here for more than a year and used to visit this place once a year. I’m pretty familiar with this place too.

Little did I knew that this is the first Milo 21k marathon in Bacolod. On saturday afternoon, I decided to survey the route of the race by following the flyers (read the post of Jinoe in From Capitol Lagoon, runners would take left. On the second intersection *banga bata* turn right all the way to Lopuez East and u-turn.

Race day. According to the organizer, there were about 4,000 participants that morning. However, not many participants joined the 21k. First 2k, runners ran the busy Mandalagan street, right turn in Banga Bata, the road became narrow. Now sugar cane plantations were on the both sides of the road while the majestic Mt. Kanlaon far behind sit. The weather was just right. It was raining the night before. On the way to the u-turn, the sun was still behind Mt. Kanlaon and on the way back to Capital Lagoon clouds covered it. We ran with jeepneys, tricyles, big trucks loaded with sugar cane…

There was no km marker along the route. GF305 showed that I’ve been running for 5k but there was no water station yet. The first water station was available on the km 7th. The water was in a small plastic and not in a cup which I think is better than a cup. Because I just need to suck it without any difficulty or problem the water come inside my nose.

The route is relatively flat. The problem is approaching the u-turn, the road become narrow, holes here and there and there is one section which is under construction. It’s a good route to break a PR.ย  I did negative split in this race. On the second water station, which was located at the u-turn 10.5k, I drunk 1 plastic of water and a gu, walked for about 10m and picked up my pace. On this second half I overtook several runners which at the first half use to play with their pace.

I maintained 4.54 minutes/km.I finished the race in 1:45 unofficial.

Jerry KarundengJerry KarundengJerry KarundengJerry KarundengJerry Karunden aka HighAltitude



  1. You’re really hardcore to the bone jerry! Running 21K in Baguio then in Bacolod after only 20 days. How I wish I could have 1/8 of your powerful energy.

    Btw, any good news about the Urbanite Run?

  2. with your energy, i bet you will still be running in your 50’s. congrats jerry! – carrey

  3. Hi Jerry, nice Milo Races. Hisa ko kay nag dalagan kamo ni Jinoe sa Bacolod. Hehehe. By the way, i’ve noticed your pic,, your toes and legs are pointing inwards. I used to do this until I got ITBS, I’m suspecting it’s one of the causes. So please be careful with your running stride. Take care kag halong parts.

  4. @norbertanora: Hi Nora, thanks for dropped by. Finishline promised to send me the race kit and return the money. One Friday, messenger(s) came to AIIAS to bring the package but I wasn’t around. I told to the one who sent a text to me to leave the package at the guard house. When I came home, I didn’t see a package at the guard house. The following week, the same thing happened, I wasn’t around, I told the one who text me to just leave it at the guardhouse but they ignore my reply, just like before. They should have been make an appointment before coming to Silang ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    @theroadmarker: thanks carrey, hope to see you again at the finish line or at the peak of a mountain ๐Ÿ™‚

    @i2runner: Nats, you should have been go with us. Yup, I’ve noticed that. I’m in the process of shifting from hill footer to mid footer. I spoke to Coach Salazar last Sunday for a specific drills to improve this. Thanks a lot…

  5. Jerry, awesome finishes man you’re showing us the true essence of a hard core runner! Hope all is well and hope to run with you again one of these days. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Thanks a lot, Luis.
    Are you on BDM training already?
    Keep on running and see you soon.

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