Posted by: HighAltitude | September 13, 2009

Makiling Challenge: Farther… Higher… Rougher!

Just few weeks ago, I climbed Mt. Makiling through UPLB to survey for the upcoming survival training. Since this mountain is rainforest mountain, leech is common. In fact, it is the house of this carnivorous aquatic, bloodsucking terrestrial worm. It was a blessing for them during our two days one night in that mountain because they had an ample supply of blood. The moment we stepped on the wilderness area, those little *cute* worm started to invade our body from all directions, crawling… looking for a better *hot* spot to have their potluck.

They are easily to spot on the trail or leaves. They will stand like a stick of matches and then jump when they detect our body heat.

In every 10 steps while trekking up the mountain, we have to stop and checked/clean our body from them. We would then pick 1 or 2 that were crawling up to our neck *no, it was a joke, not 1 or 2, mannny of them*. They went to our neck because that was the only part of our body which was not covered and where the body heat was high.

This limatics were really problematic!

Back to our title…

This morning I joined for the first time Makiling Challenge in U.P. Los Banos. I arrived at the vicinity at 5.30am. The starting area was in front of baker hall. It was raining this morning. The race started 24 minutes late from the schedule. So many talking inside the building in which not many runners paid attention. Most of the runners were outside having their warm up including me. I asked RJ Almocera what they were talking about, he also couldn’t listen well although he was inside the building.

It was a small race or community race. I would like to compare it with Run with M.E. few weeks ago in Ateneo. Although it was a small race but many elite runners were presents including Team Baldrunner.

The race started exactly 6.24am accompanied by rain.

From the front of Baker Hall, we went straight for about 50m and then turn right. From this point, the route start to climb gradually. Not long after that, the first killer incline challenged us. One of the many inclines that morning. Entering College of Forestry, we were given a bonus of about 500m flat. Enough for us to take deep breath and pick our pace again. Soon after that was a long gradual hill. Passing the check point of Makiling Rainforest ranger station, the route became rough.

Now, the route became really tougher and rougher.

Sobrang maghirap talaga 🙂 pero enjoy na enjoy ako :p Eyes focus on the road. Missed to do that, injured! Uneven surface, loose rocks, huge and small stones were just scattered.

I committed sin that morning,… I walked for a few second to catched up my breath hahahaha

On the way back after the u-turn was another challenge. Yes, I was flying downhill. I felt that all my organs in my body especially in my abdomen and chest were in turbulence. My hands were stretch to both side to make a balance to my body while running downhill. Eyes focus on one object only and that was the road in front of me. I didn’t put any attention to runners I’ve met anymore. I was running 2.35 minutes/km downhill. However, it doesn’t last long tho. I discovered a problem in my shoes. My TNF BOA I used this morning has no space in front for my toes anymore. The toes were forcing so hard toward the shoes which made me to slow down a bit. It eventually caused blister on one of my toe. I should have been use mizuno wave musha which is one size bigger.

I enjoy the race tho it was tougher. I just enjoy being in the wood, looking at the huge trees and listening to the sound of different kind of animals in the forest…

Makiling ChallengeWith AUP runners

Jerry Karundeng aka HighAltitude

Makiling ChallengeFarther… Higher… Rougher…

Jerry KarundengJerry, GET BACK TO YOUR TRAINING!!! heart rate: avg: 180bpm; max: 207bpm. Finish time: 1.04 unofficial

PS. Special thanks to Carina who accomodate us. Your hospitality is greatly appreciated. And to AUP runners, so good to see you. Hope to run with you guys sooner.



  1. wake up jerry, endu_runs 4.50 awaits.

  2. nice run & experience! that was a great mountain run! see you soon!

  3. your encounter with the leeches was so funny! i was fortunate not to have met these creatures in our climbs yet. but your experience is making me more itchy to hike up a mountain again.nice pics…carrey

  4. @bugobugo: yup, trying to get in shape again… 😦

    @kingofpots: Thanks BR!

    @theroadmarker: so funny to remember but it was not fun to have them there hahaha akyat tayo, Carrey!

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