Posted by: HighAltitude | October 11, 2009

Against the Odd

My thanks:

To for the chicken and rice…

To Team Baldrunner for the boiled egg and the water…

To those people who cheered me up, who appreciated my running, who praised my effort, and also those who mocked me down. I’m not “sira ulo” or “buang” or crazy or insane tho…

To photographers who took pictures of me (send me a copy, please…).

… and I want to congratulate Jonel aka bugobugo for finishing sub4. See, you made it!

/I paced him on the last 15k…

/I ran barefoot!!!

Jerry KarundengJonel Mendoza & Jerry Karundeng

Jerry Karundeng

Jerry Karundeng aka HighAltitude

Jerry Karundeng aka HighAltitude

Jerry Karundeng aka HighAltitudeJerry KarundengJerry Karundeng aka HighAltitudeJerry Karundeng

Barefoot runningbarefoot runbarefoot with barefoot runner

Photos by: Photovendo, Vener aka runulmtd and Rodel aka argonautquest



  1. oh that was you! we saw you … morelike the flourescent blue muscle tape and barefeet … going up essensa. Congrats!!!

  2. Hi Jerry, here’s a video of you running barefoot and grabbing chicken and rice at the aid station πŸ™‚

  3. thank you must have been possessed or time, eat something first so you will remember to wear your shoes.

  4. You’re simply amazing, pare.

  5. well, people/runner like you who runs on barefoot are people who had read the book “born to run” by chris mcdougal & watched the TV story at discovery channel about sneakers/rubber shoes. nice kinesio tapes! i am glad our aid station offered you some food!

  6. Jerry, maybe it’s time to get the Vibram Five Fingers, you know to protect your feet against broken glass and whatever else. I don’t want to go barefoot, not that far but have been using lighter shoes. Be great if I can continue on to racing flats.

    Buang, haha, haven’t heard that word in a long time. Being called crazy is just part of the deal I think – ultras and barefoot running.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    That was an experience. Although, I have to admit that I’m experiencing pain on my left midfoot now hehehe I should’ve try barefoot trekking first.

    Been thinking of Vibram Five Fingers, where can I get it?

    /thanks to Vener aka runulmtd for the pictures

  8. That barefooted running rocks!!!

  9. You’re picture grabbing the chicken and rice:


  10. Rodel, thanks a lot! I love it! hahahaha

  11. Great pictures! If they Vibrams are not available there yet they should be soon.

  12. wow! that was so cool! nice page, jerry… i linked you to mine. this is tere… remember gatorade in silang πŸ™‚

  13. grabe the passion that you ran barefoot!



  14. Hey! I heard Vibram Five Fingers will come to Manila this April. Watch out for it on April 16 at an event near the NBC Tent at around 2pm and they will also be opening their kiosk in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell on April 20.

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